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I am a mom to two boys under age 4. My youngest son is allergic to milk, eggs and peanuts (basically he is a Vegan who sometimes eats meat).  We were also wheat free for six months and now we try to minimize foods that contain wheat as much as possible.  For now, we are on this journey of being allergen free.  I often wonder why my son has food allergies, but I believe that God has our family on this journey for a reason and it is my passion to share our story so that others may be encouraged that being allergen free is truly a healthier lifestyle.  Dealing with food allergies has grown/stretched me personally and as a mom, but I accept it and challenge myself to make/find yummy and healthy for Brody.

The food allergies have impacted our family in many ways, but most importantly, we eat healthier. Out of necessity, we read labels, cook from scratch and we do not eat out often (hey, it saves us money). Some days I get discouraged, but it gets easier the longer we are on this journey.  I am encouraged by others who live this lifestyle.

I love supporting local farmers and enjoy spending time outside.  We have small garden every summer and love eating the vine-ripened organic vegetables. I am a licensed massage therapist who has the privilege of sharing health and educating others to make healthier choices for their families. Before I stayed home with my boys, I was a teacher and I love being able to combine my passion for teaching and health.

This blog is my way to keep track of things I come across, products/recipes my family likes and anything I might want to look at again. I hope this information encourages you on your journey.

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