Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Healthy Lunches with No Waste....

My oldest son has started pre-school two days a week and we are adjusting to the new schedule (life has just been busy). The pre-school we send him to is not close to our house, so Brody and I stay up in the area and run errands so we don't waste gas or time. Plus, I figure grocery shopping might be easier with one :) Because we do this, Brody and I also need to pack a lunch on these days.

I have to tell you about A friend of mine told me about them and I am so glad she did! They make packing lunches easy, and much less wasteful than using tons of plastic baggies. I love that it has 3 compartments, because it makes me be more creative with what I pack for them and I find it is a healthier lunch. I can give them to the boys in the car and the act like a little tray. It is an easy way for them to eat their lunch. Having a child with food allergies, we pack lunches and snacks all of the time when we go out and this system has been a lifesaver!

We packed a family picnic this past weekend (there are four of us) and we each had two easylunchbox containers in each cooler (and we had two coolers). There was also room inside the cooler for an ice pack and apples.

This is similar to the new bento luchbox system and you can even buy pieces to add to make your more creative/functional. Check out the gallery of some of the lunches that have been packed using this system.

Due to overwhelming demand, they are currently sold out of container sets....BUT a new shipment arrives Mid-October (which really isn't that far off). Place your order now and they will include a FREE cooler bag that fits with the container sets (a $7.95 value) as a thanks for your patience.

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  1. they look great. I wish they had those here in Belgium, Ollie likes a big lunch! x


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