Saturday, March 5, 2011

AllergyFree Foods-Eliminating the Top Food Allergens

Thank you AllergyFree Foods for sponsoring our March F.A.C.T. (Food Allergy Community of TN) Meeting!
Kelly Young and Richard Croteau did a wonderful job of communicating the mission of the company, who believes that EVERYONE has the right to purchase food products that are of both great taste and value.
AllergyFree Foods works with Joel Schaefer, a former Manager of Product Development and Special Diets for Walt Disney World Resort, their products are free of the top 8 food allergens (wheat/gluten, milk, egg, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish and soy).
Now those with allergies can finally enjoy the products that they crave such as chicken nuggets, chicken wings and more.
Allergy Free Food offers All Natural Chicken Products (Minimally processed, no Artificial ingredients)
· Chicken Filets
· Chicken Nuggets
· Chicken Tenderloins
· Chicken Tenders
· Chicken Wings
Be on the lookout for some dry mixes to be offered in the near future!

Check out the list of the products/ingredients or order.
AllergyFree Food products have been featured at and have been successful with independent and chain grocers nationwide.
See if AllergyFree Food products are available at a grocery store near you.
Would you like to have Allergy Free Foods available to purchase in your local grocery store? Print a Grocer Request Form, download, print and take it to the manager of your local grocery store (the more people request, the greater likelihood that they will carry it). The distribution centers that the grocery store can order from is: UNFI, Tree of Life and KeHe Foods.
Find AllergyFree Foods on

(706) 265-1317

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