Friday, October 16, 2009

Smarties are Allergen Free

With Halloween approaching quickly, I was thinking about candy (maybe I was craving some too). In the past, I always given out some sort of chocolate, and I will admit, most of the time that meant Snickers (I know...the forbidden peanuts).

This year, with Brody's food allergies (not that he is going to be eating candy), I started thinking about the kids who I will be handing out candy to. I have heard from many parents that have children with food allergies that Halloween is difficult because so many of the candy is unsafe and even if they "think" it might be safe, they would have to read the label (which is on the bag that the person who actually bought the candy has) or go online and read the label for the product and even after all of that time and effort, there is a pretty good chance (especially if it is chocolate) that it is processed in a place with peanuts. I decided to be "safe" this year and give a candy that every kid could eat, regardless of food allergies.

SO...I heard from a friend, (thank you Courtney) that Smarties are allergen free. Sure enough, I bought some this evening (on sale) and on the package it says "Smarties contain none of the following: gluten (from wheat, barley, oats and rye), milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts or soybeans". Yep...they are free of the top eight allergens (and gluten). Although, they do have food coloring, (red 20, yellow 5, yellow 6 and blue 2...YUM, YUM) which I try to avoid; I can't afford to buy my neighborhood organic, allergen free candy. Sorry kids, you will have allergen free candy this year with food coloring from the Brown household :)

Know some other candy that is allergen free? Let us know. I think it is great to make a little difference by handing out "safe" Halloween candy. I bet the kids will never notice :)

Allergen information on Smarties webiste

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  1. there are tons of candies you can do. Dots are great too. There are lots of lists in allergy blogs. :)


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