Sunday, April 18, 2010

Home Depot: Buy One Get One Free Veggie & Herbs TODAY ONLY

If you are thinking about doing a garden or haven't bought plants yet, Home Depot has a great deal TODAY ONLY, 4/18 (I did this last year and filled my garden with veggie plants and herbs for inexpensive).

Bonnie 3"-5" Peat Pot Veggie & Herbs

  • Vegetables: choose from tomatoes, peppers and more

  • Herbs-choose basil, thyme, oregano and more

  • Biodegradable pots plant right into the ground

Limit 10 per customer; (while supplies last). Bring someone with you (husband, etc.) and you can really make sure you will have enough plants for your garden.

If you want to start your plants from seed, for 7 days only-April 18th-24th they will have buy one get one free deal on all vegetable, herb and flower seed packets (while supplies last). Looks like organic is included.

I love having a small garden. The vegetables are fresh, vine-ripened and we know how they are grown. This saves us lots of money and forces us to think of ways to use these fresh vegetables and share with friends/neighbors.

This year in our garden, we are going to do:

  • Roma tomatoes (salads, homemade pizza)

  • grape tomatoes (salads)

  • squash

  • zucchini

  • cucumbers (I'm thinking homemade pickles)

  • jalapenos (salsa, sandwiches, fresh Mexican food)

  • eggplant


I love herbs! I have a little area in my garden that is dedicated to my herbs.

*If you choose herbs that come back every year...all you have to do is make a one time investment and it keeps giving back. If you buy herbs at the grocery store for a recipe, you would pay at least $1.50 for a one time use...think of it that way. If you have all of these fresh herbs at your disposal, you will think of ways to use them and flavor your food. Plus, it is always nice to share with friends.

  • sage (comes back)-tastes great with chicken, sauces or homemade sausage

  • oregano (comes back)-pasta sauce, homemade pizza, chicken

  • thyme (comes back)-chicken, pasta salads, homemade dressings, etc.

  • rosemary (comes back)-pasta sauce, stuffed in whole chickens, etc.

  • mint (comes back): *make sure to plant in some type of pot or it will overtake your spreads like crazy)-we make minted salsa, add this to our iced tea in the summer

  • chives-I keep these in a pot on my porch, bring them in the garage during the winter and put them back out in the spring and they keep coming back. Perfect for baked potatoes, etc.

  • lavender (comes back: make sure to buy the kind that is a perennial)-I love the smell and they add color to my herb garden
Do not come back, but worth the investment

  • Basil-great accompaniment to all of the tomatoes you will have. Tastes great in sauces, salads, on homemade pizza, etc.

  • Dill-macaroni salads, chicken, fish, homemade dill pickles

  • Cilantro-I love it, but it likes the cooler weather and goes not grow when your tomatoes are ready, that is so disappointing because it would be perfect to have for fresh salsa

Go to Home Depot and click on local ad or call to see if they are having this deal in your area

Happy Planting!

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