Sunday, September 6, 2009

HEINZ Distilled White Vinegar

I looked at the ingredients on my HEINZ Distilled White Vinegar the other day because one of my readers mentioned that distilled vinegar could possibly have wheat in it. This is what it said:
Ingredients: Made from select sun-ripened grain, diluted with water to a uniform pickling and table strength of 5%(50 grains) acidity.

My heart dropped, I thought...oh no, I have been so strict about no milk, eggs, peanuts and wheat and here I am making BBQ pork and pouring distilled white vinegar in the recipe.

I got on the phone with HEINZ and they told me that the "sun-ripened grain" that they use is CORN...I was relieved (I should have looked at the picture from the website, that would have answered my question :). The representative was very helpful and said they have strict standards and that any potential allergen would be listed under the ingredient list (he even mailed me a huge list of their products that are free of gluten).
Our rule around our house is, if it doesn't have a label...we don't eat it; especially now that Brody is eating what we are...we now have the Epi-Pen Jr. just in case...

If you have any questions, contact HEINZ at

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