Tuesday, February 16, 2010

9 Fruits Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Brody enjoying his 9 Fruits Smoothie!

We were in Cool Springs yesterday, and I remembered some of the moms from FACTS (Food Allergy Community of TN) saying that 9 Fruits was a safe place for smoothies. Brody has never had a smoothie out, because we have been concerned with cross-contamination.

We decided to stop in and were so impressed. Right on the menu, it says you can make your smoothie dairy free by adding soy yogurt for an extra .50.

I spoke to Kyle Banks, one of the owners and he showed me the soy yogurt that they use, So Delicious, which I have posted about on here and is our family favorite. So Delicious has extremely strict quality control to prevent contamination by undeclared food allergens (this is stated on the back of their container). You can add soy yogurt to make your smoothie dairy free OR you can just have the blended fruit. We opted for the blended fruit and it was delicious. Next time, we will definitely try adding the soy yogurt to our smoothie.

I spoke to Kyle about possible cross-contamination and he assured me that they clean the Vita-Mixers very well and have special equipment to do that. He also told me that many moms that have children with food allergies come in and they take care of them. He said to mention the food allergy to them before you order so they assure that your smoothie is safe. He was extremely accommodating. We will definitely be going back to 9 fruits. I appreciated the time that was taken to address my concerns and ensure my child could enjoy a safe smoothie.

After you order your smoothie, you can take off the holder from around the cup and get it stamped. Save it and bring it back with you each time and you get your 10th smoothie FREE.

Why 9 Fruits?
It stands for the nine fruits of the spirit in the Bible. These “fruits” are positive character traits: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control. Kevin and Kyle have dedicated their business to seeing lives transformed by sharing their two-fold message of physical and spiritual health with everyone. I love this!

Besides their Cool Springs location, they are going to be opening a 2nd store in the Lenox Village Lifestyle Center in South Nashville and on pace for a Spring 2010 launch.

I enjoy supporting businesses that are allergy friendly and serve healthy products!

You won’t find any sugar substitutes, purees, or syrups in the smoothies at 9 Fruits.

Check out the 9 Fruits Website...it's great!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting about this! I added it to our dining suggestions - http://www.godairyfree.org/Dining-Out/Suggested-Restaurants/U.S.-TN-Franklin-and-Nashville-9-Fruits.html

  2. Rachel, I also love this place. But, I wanted to share with you something we discovered yesterday. One time about a year ago, I took Sam in and within minutes of being in there, he started wheezing. I knew that he had not even had a sip of his drink yet so I was very confused. I had to rush him to the dr. to give him a breathing treatment. It was the most scared I have ever been with him. He said he just couldn't breathe and he was crying and scared. I just thought it was a random episode. BUT, then my husband took him again yesterday and Sam got the SAME way!! We think it could be the WHEY POWDER they use, which must be floating around in that room! Or, maybe if they were just making one while we were in there. That is all we can think of that it could be! Isn't that interesting?!


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