Thursday, August 20, 2009

Going Above and Beyond

Today, I attended a mom's bible study group at a friend's house. The hostess and one of the ladies that attended went out of their way to accommodate my special dietary restrictions. Drinks and food items were prepared separately for me without dairy products, etc. and Safe Rice Krispy Treats were made with me in mind.

Not to mention, the lady who made the Rice Krispy treats, took her two little ones in tow and drove out of the way to Whole Foods before the bible study and bought vegan butter to make the dessert. In my opinion, she went above and beyond. I was overwhelmed by the kindness that someone whom I had never met, showed me. I certainly do not expect people to accommodate me, but this was such a nice treat. Such a simple act, made me feel included and cared for. It is amazing how an act of kindness can impact one's day.

It brought to mind times in the past where I listened to someone talking about food allergies and thought, wow...that must stink. It's interesting how having a child with food allergies makes you look at situations differently, more thought through. I am more aware now and sensitive to food allergies, and for this, I am thankful. If I could go back, I would do some things differently, as a hostess and as a teacher. I don't know exactly why God has me traveling down this road, but I know I have been forever changed.

I hope that I can make someone else feel the way that I did today...I can't wait to pay it forward.

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  1. You're so sweet! We were more than glad to accommodate in those details... that's what friendship is all about.

    Wish I could change this journey you're on, but I just know God will use you and your skills for the good of many others!

    Your boys are lucky to have you!


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