Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WholeSoy & Co. Yogurt

I was in Kroger the other day and they had WholeSoy & Co. peach Soy Yogurt marked down from $1.29 to .59. I read the ingredients over a few times to make sure that it would be safe for Brody. I guess I was still a little hesitant because the last time we tried yogurt (it was whole milk though) he immediately broke out in hives. I figured I would give the soy yogurt a try, since he does not seem to be allergic to soy products at this time Brody liked it and did not react, so I am happy to have found another safe alternative. I called WholeSoy and Co. and requested coupons. They are on their way!
*Frugal tip-be sure to check out your grocery store for manager specials. Sometimes products are marked down because they are getting ready to expire (I have noticed more products in organics/speciality because they are pricier) or the store has received too many of them. This is a great way to try some allergen free products at 1/2 the price (or even more sometimes). If I had had my coupon from WholeSoy & Company the other day, my yogurt probably would have been free.
WholeSoy & Co.
1-877-JOYOFSOY (569-6376)

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