Friday, August 21, 2009

Kraft Italian Dressing...Safe indeed

When we were looking for products that were "safe" at the beginning of this allergy journey, I was surprised to find that Kraft Italian Dressing was safe (it does contain soy). I was excited, because we use it as salad dressing, as a marinade and also in pasta salad, etc. Not to mention, it is always going on sale and there are coupons out there so I am able to purchase it for pennies. Also, another one of my favs that is safe is Kraft Creamy Italian (also contains soy) Makes my heart happy! Isn't it the little things?

I called Kraft and asked about the vinegar in the Zesty Italian Dressing (if it contained wheat) and they said if there is even a possibility of cross contamination that it would be listed in under the ingredients (ex: wheat, milk, eggs). This is good to know.

Any Questions? Contact Kraft

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