Friday, January 8, 2010

HoneyBaked for Lunch

If you are like me, I usually think of Honeybaked for around the holidays; but what about for lunch?

We now know that the ham and turkey are safe, so I thought this was a great deal for $4.99. The lunch deal includes your choice of a whole sandwich, chips and a drink. If you are gluten free, I think just eating the ham or turkey by itself would be great!

Click here for the coupon. It expires on 3/6/2010 so you have a little while to use it.

The hardest thing that I have found is to have a safe place for lunch that won't break the bank...this is a great option!

The ham and turkey (smoked or roasted) are free of dairy, milk, eggs, glutens or wheat products, nuts or nut products, and soy products (soy flour, soy oil, etc.)
If you want the ingredient list for either the ham or the turkey, just email me at allergenfreeplease (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send it to you. It is the list from the company.

*If you go, I would speak with the person preparing your lunch and tell them about the food allergies.

I was told at the Honeybaked Ham that I go to, that the meat is sliced on a different slicer than the cheese (which is awesome!); but just make sure, you can never be too careful.
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