Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Read Your Labels..Again and Again...

I made a mistake tonight that if I hadn't had caught in time, would have cost us a night in the Emergency Room.

I ran to Kroger before making dinner. I was making sloppy joes and needed tomato paste. I buy tomato paste all of the time and know that it is safe. I was in a hurry, grabbed the tomato paste and came home to prepare dinner. As I was dumping the tomato paste into the sloppy joes, I saw what looked like black flakes. I began searching for the expiration date because I thought it might be expired because it looked weird to me...not my usual tomato paste. The expiration was fine, 2011. I then started to put it together and looked at the front label...ITALIAN TOMATO PASTE. Ok, so that weired stuff I realized was I flipped to look at the ingredients on the back and I read that it contained MILK. Oh yes, there was CHEESE in the Italian tomato paste. Are you kidding me??? (FYI: It was Kroger Italian Tomato Paste...stay away, I repeat...stay away if you have milk allergies).

I was thankful that I realized the mistake before I serving it to Brody, but was disappointed that my safe sloppy joes were no longer safe. This just made me can never be too careful and always read labels before you dump your ingredients in...even if you think it is safe, or it has been safe in the past. Manufacturers change ingredients all of the time OR like me, you can buy the wrong type.

Milk hides in a lot of ingredients that you would never think of....boullion cubes and some seasonings just to name a is crazy!

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