Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to Decorate Eggs with an Egg Allergy

Holidays are difficult with food allergies because there are certain food items that are part of the "tradition." In this case, eggs. Here is a wonderful idea for kids that are older or if you are brave enough to do it with your little one...go for it! This could prove to be a fun tradition until your child outgrows his egg allergy.


Things You'll Need:
Wooden Easter Eggs
Acrylic paint
Mod Podge
Paper towel tube

Step 1
Hit Hobby Lobby (or Joanne's or whatever your favorite craft supply store might be...Don't forget to use a coupon) and grab enough wooden eggs to provide one to each person who will decorate Easter eggs with you. Head to the craft paint aisle and pick out small bottles of acrylic paint in various Easter colors. Grab a bottle of Mod Podge too. You are now armed with everything you need to let your loved one with an egg allergy safely decorate Easter eggs.

Step 2
Assemble the family at a table that is covered with newspapers, to protect the work surface as you safely decorate your egg allergy friendly Easter eggs.

Step 3
Trim half inch sections from a paper towel tube and use these loops to stabilize the wooden eggs. Just place the egg on the top of the loop and it will serve as a stand while you paint.

Step 4
Decorate your wooden, egg allergy friendly Easter eggs with the paint. Let dry. Use a permanent marker to write the artist's name at the bottom of the egg.

Step 5
Apply a layer of Mod Podge to each egg.

Step 6
Display your special egg allergy safe Easter eggs in a basket and add to the collection each year.

*This is for you Sara....hope this gets your creative juices flowing :)

This idea is from e-how

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  1. Great idea, thanks, Rachel! I especially like the idea of adding a few each year...we could mark the bottom of the egg with the year to remember how old he was when he did each - sweet! Love it!

  2. I thought it was cute. I like your idea of marking the bottom with the year.

  3. That's a cute idea! At first I was like hmm how is she going to do this without having a reaction? ... Never would have thought to use wooden eggs!

  4. Just wanted to add that I went to Michael's yesterday and they were selling a package with 1 ceramic egg (some had drawings printed on them) that you could hang from a string, 3 little pots of paint and a little paint brush to decorate the egg for $1.99. It was all too small for Marino to use (at 21 months) but it's definately a great low cost option for a child a little older.

  5. Thanks for sharing Sara, it's nice to know that there are some options for decorating eggs. Plus, that is really inexpensive. I bet you could score some good deals after Easter and save them! Plus, Michael's always has coupons in the Sunday paper AND they take competitor coupons (ex: JoAnn's).


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