Friday, March 12, 2010

Trader Joe's Organic Pops

I am excited about Trader Joe's Organic Pops (a friend of mine told me about them...thanks Katrina). They are similar to Yummy Earth in the fact that they do not have artificial colors/dyes, are flavored with natural flavors and they are allergen free.

There are 25 lollipops in the container (5 of each flavor), which costs $2.99 (these are less expensive than Yummy Earth) and the flavors that you get are watermelon, pomegranate, orange, lemon and raspberry.

-Fat free

-No gluten ingredients used



-Certified Organic

Ingredients: organic evaporated cane juice (sugar), organic tapioca syrup, citric acid, natural flavors (watermelon, pomegranate, orange oil, lemon oil, raspberry), vegetable color (red cabbage, purple carrots, turmeric, annatto)

*Yummy Earth even says on their website that they are big fans of Trader Joe's Pops and Drops and that if you live near a Trader Joe's you should try some.
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  1. I just bought a box of these today. I am eating a pomegranete one, and it is delicious! 25 came in the box(5 of each flavor), which seems to be a pretty good deal, considering that they are healthier than other lollipops! Great find for a great price!

  2. Glad you like them. Yes, I love that they do not have the junk that regular lollipops have. We stock up on them when we go to TJ's.


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