Wednesday, July 22, 2009

boom CHOCO boom...ENJOY LIFE...seriously!

I am enjoying a Enjoy Life dairy-free rice milk bar right now. It is equivalent to a chocolate bar, but it is dairy, nut and soy free! Did I mention that LOVE this company???!!!!! YUM! Normally, I am not a huge chocolate person, but tell me I can't have it and it is all I want (especially after dinner).

I bought a package of Enjoy Life semi-sweet chocolate chips (allergen free) to put in the chocolate zucchini muffins that I made a little while back and I ended up eating the rest of the bag...oops, I was supposed to bake with them. I then decided that I needed to get myself a chocolate bar and ration it out, one little square at a time. I felt more economical by doing it this way :)

Here are some Coupons for you...don't eat from the bag, just get yourself a bar!

.75 Off Coupon (off of 2 bars) for the boom CHOCO boom chocolatey bars (I am printing mine now!!!!!)Hmm...I think the dark chocolate bar is what I will be picking up with this coupon.

.55 Coupon for any Enjoy Life Product

1.25 off of 2 Enjoy Life Products
This coupon was sent to my inbox because I joined the community at Enjoy Life. It's free to join and every penny helps when you are having to buy allergen free foods. Don't you agree? :)

I am really having good success with using coupons for the food items that I have to eat right now. Once you start using coupons, you will be hooked...I promise!
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