Friday, July 31, 2009

Garlic Jim's Gluten Free Pizza!!!!!

I heard a couple of weeks back, that Garlic Jim's was going to have a new Gluten Free Pizza crust. I didn't have high expectations because I had heard that there was another pizza place in closeby that had a gluten free pizza crust, but when I called I found out that they put egg in the, that was out for us.

I called Garlic Jim's as soon as I heard the rumor and asked them about the ingredient list in the dough and sauce. The manager was not completely sure, so I called corporate and sure enough, both the dough and the sauce are Brody Safe (no milk, eggs, peanuts or wheat).
Now, my pizza will not have cheese on it, but I will make up for that in fresh veggie toppings. Who would have ever thought that I would be counting down the days till I can have a pizza with sauce and veggies on it? I am SO thankful that when Brody starts to eat, that he will be able to have pizza. Honestly, it was made me sad to think that he might not be able to enjoy a pizza night.

Garlic Jim's has received the rice flour that will make it a Gluten Free environment. That's right...a gluten free environment in a pizza chain! I have been calling and asking when they will be serving the pizza....WELL....IT STARTS ON MONDAY 8/3 at Garlic Jim's!!! Guess what I will be eating for dinner???? The rest of my family will have a normal pizza and I will be savoring mine. I figure, whatever I don't eat, I will put in the freezer in individual servings.

For a limited time, Garlic Jim's accepts competitors' delivery coupons. Going to be looking through my pizza coupons...I knew I saved them for something :)

I will let you know how Monday pans out!
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