Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Need Coupons? Call the Manufacturer Directly...you might be pleasantly surprised

I have been using coupons for over 2 years now and it really bothered me when I started to buy new items due to Brody's food allergies that these items rarely go on sale and coupons are not easily accessible (example: in the newspaper inserts). I did a little bit more research and decided to call the companies of the items I was wanting to try/buy.

I was happy with the outcome. You can do this with any item that your family uses, but do not get coupons for. Call the company and tell them how much your family enjoys the product or that you would love to try the item but the cost has been prohibiting you from doing so and then ask if they have coupons that they could send you. Most likely, they will be happy to.
*OR, if you don't feel like calling, drop the company an email and request some coupons. Hope this helps!

Sunbutter (alternative to peanut butter, made from sunflower seeds)

Earth Balance natural buttery spread (company also makes Smart Balance)-alternative to butter

Smart Balance Light buttery spread (less expensive version of Earth Balance and it is not organic)-alternative to butter
Click HERE to print coupons directly from the website
-I have seen these coupons often in the newspaper inserts and in blinkies at the stores

Food for Life

*sent me a booklet of all of their products with allergen info and some great coupons

Ian's: All Natural and Organic Food for Kids
800.54.FOODS (36637)
Click HERE to print coupons directly from the website

Rice Dream Original Enriched
Click HERE to print coupons directly from the website

Ener G
*I was told they do not give coupons. I told the representative what was going on with my family and that some of the products were cost prohibitive and she said they would send me a "sample" package

Vans All Natural
323-585-5581, ext. 245
You can also e-mail and request coupons customerservice@vansintl.com

Enjoy Life (this company is MY FAVORITE...there is no guess work...ALL of their products are free of the top 8 allergens)
Click HERE to print coupons directly from the website
Join Our Community and will get new product info, recipes and for completing the form you will be entered into a monthly drawing to win an Enjoy Life grocery tote and coupons for free Enjoy Life products!

Cascadian Farm
The company will not send out coupons, but be on the lookout for printable coupons online
Harvest Berry Chewy Granola Bar is allergen free for Brody
These bars are often BOGO at Publix

Other sources for healthy/allergen free coupons

Mambo Sprouts
Sign up (for free) to print coupons and be mailed mambo sprouts coupon booklet

Publix Greenwise Market Magazine
sign up to have it mailed to your house. It contains great organic/possibly allergen free coupons

Eat Better America
-sign up (it's free) and you will have access to coupons and more
-they sometimes have $1 off any Muir Glen product. Publix has their organic tomato sauce for approximately .89, which means FREE!

Organic Grocery Deals
-it has a Target coupon generator on it and it will let you type in the number of coupons you want to print AND Publix accepts it as a competitor's coupons which can score you a great deal if you combine it with a manufacturers coupon

Whole Foods
If you walk into Whole Foods, they have a coupon booklet with coupons that can be used at their store. Be sure to ask the cashier where they are.
You can also check out the sale ad online
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  1. Hey Rachel! I love your blog! I am interested in your allergen-free recipes, so I'll be back. Also, I just started couponing a few weeks ago, so I'll keep my eyes peeled for Brody-safe coupons!

  2. Rachel,

    I am so amazed by your wealth of knowledge on this already. We were supposed to be helping each other but so far you have been a total help to me and I am not really returning the favor! I need to get on the ball! THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to put this on your blog and share it with us!


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