Monday, July 20, 2009

Safe Blueberry Waffles

I had Van's All Natural Blueberry Waffles (wheat free, dairy and egg free) this morning and they were AWESOME! They were thick and did not taste like cardboard. I loved the little blueberries inside. YUM!
*If you haven't called already, Remember to give Van's a call and request some coupons
323-585-5581, ext. 245
*Don't forget to check Whole Foods coupons books, I have seen coupons for Van's in that also :)
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  1. Did you know this company also makes gluten, egg and dairy free pancakes? They cook in the microwave in less than a minute! I love them!

    Some of my other favorite things: Kinnikinnick bread crumbs and donuts, Cherrybrook Farms cakes, frostings and mini-cookies and Tikayda brown rice pasta. All are also egg and dairy free.


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