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Lovin' Trader Joe's Allergy-Free Foods and Prices

I am visiting my mother-in-law, and she was so kind to search for foods (at a few grocery stores) that I can eat (she even called manufacturers). She did such a great job of buying items so I did not feel "left out." It is awesome because I get to try items and see if I want to purchase them when we get back home. For someone who is allergic (or has a kid who is allergic) to any of these products (milk, eggs, peanuts and wheat) this is information is pretty awesome! I never knew I could get excited about Brown Rice bread...yep...I did :)


Milk Allergy
-Organic Soymilk (Non GMO...non gentically modified)
-Earth's Balance Vegan butter sticks/also comes in a tub
-avoiding products even manufactured in the same plant as milk products

Egg Allergy
-ENER G egg replacer 16 oz. (You mix the powder with warm water to equal one egg). I use this when I make pancakes.
-Food Allergy Mama's Baking book has delicous recipes without milk, eggs and peanuts (you could substitute Gluten Free All purpose flour for regular flour). Honestly....her stuff is so good...and you do not need to worry about Egg Replacer
-avoiding products even manufactured in the same plant as egg products

Peanut Allergy
-I.M. Healthy original creamy Soynut Butter (We tried Sunflower Seed Butter and it has a distintive aftertaste...I prefer the soynut butter)
-avoiding products even been manufactured in the same plant as peanuts.

Wheat Allergy
-Quinoa pasta (pronounced Keen-wa...this is less mushy than the Brown rice it!)
-Brown rice pasta
-Brown rice bread
-Tapioca dinner rolls (EnerG 9.88 oz)-tasted good toasted with earth balance vegan butter and garlic on it.
-Van's Gluten Free, Dairy Free French Toast Sticks (approximately $3.29...Whole Foods has a coupon out right now for $1 off of 2. You can somtimes find these are Kroger for $2.50).
-Rice noodles
-Whole Grain Oats (found in the cereal listed below and the granola bars)
-Cascadian Farm Organic Harvest Berry Chewy Granola Bars (these go on sale BOGO at Publix all of the time and you can usually find a coupon online)

-The wheat allergy is honestly the one that I am having the most trouble with. It is in almost everything.

I was taking a shower with a sample of Aveeno shampoo that I had gotten in the mail and I looked at the ingredients and sure enough, there was wheat in it. I then rewashed my hair with "safe" shampoo. I couldn't believe it. Now, we are not only looking at food labels, but every label. Wheat is in some baking powders, vanilla extract, and soy sauce. Did you know that wheat is also in play dough? Yep...playdough...sigh.

Trader Joe's

Went to Trader Joe's today and LOVED it!!!! We have one in Green Hills. I felt the prices were great for the products that I needed to buy to substitute mine and Brody's diet. Here is what I picked up (Tara, this is for you...these are all Trader Joe's brands :)

-Trader Joe's Organic Brown Rice Pasta 16 oz. $1.99 (this is the best price that I have seen and I have been looking....most places are selling 8 oz for almost $2.59..CRAZY!
  • Spaghetti Pasta (ate it tonight and couldn't tell that it was any different than regular noodles)

  • Pasta Fuslilli (spiral pasta...can you say pasta salad??? ALRIGHT!!)

  • Penne Pasta

-Trader Joe's Triple Berry-O's 11 oz. $2.99 (Honey Oat O's with Dried Blueberries, Strawberries & Raspberries). Finally, I have found cereal and it is GOOD!

-Trader Joe's Crunchy oats & honey granola bars $1.99 (8.9 oz. 12 bars, 2-bar pouches).

-Trader Joe's Pad Thai Noodles and Sauce 9oz. $1.69 Erik and I love Pad Thai and I am going to add chicken, steamed broccoli and lime juice for a quick and easy ALLERGY-FREE meal.

-Food for Life Wheat & Gluten Free Brown Rice Bread 1 1/2 lbs. (bought at Trader Joe's for $3.49). FYI-I saw similar bread at Whole Foods for almost $7 OUCH

-Charles Shaw Chardonnay (the Trader Joe's in North Carolina sells wine) $2.99 Not on Brody's diet (ha!) but could not pass up the price. We love to cook with white wine. What a deal!!!!

I am writing all of this stuff out so I can keep track of prices and hopefully help others who have found themselves in this situation. Maybe it will save you time combing the isles to find stuff that will work. I have done a little bit of it for you (at least to get you started). I read every label and disclaimer. I am happy to have found some items that taste good and the prices are not ridiculous. Stay tuned for more information. I told you...I am on a mission. I love food too much to not eat :)
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  1. Wow, Rachel you are on the ball! Thank you so much for finding this information for me and others. I am excited about my new grocery venture. Well, sort of... I am emailing you that stuff in a minute. Of course, you have already found so much it might not be worthy much to you. Have a great time and how nice that your mother in law was so nice to do that!


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